California Wildfires? Blame the Queers, Duh

LOL. Get it?California's burning, and there are political points ripe for the plucking! Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck, for instance, both agree it's all the environazis' fault, with Malkin taking the opportunity to throw a few Mexicans on the pyre while she's at it.

San Diego homo-hater James Hartline knows the real reason behind the fires, though. It's because the foolish city ignored his warnings about all the fags, and now God is burning them to a crisp:

They shook their fists at God and said, "We don't care what God says, we will issue our legal brief to support gay marriage in San Diego!" Then Mayor Jerry Sanders mocked the Christian vote and signed off on this rebellious legal document to support same-sex marriage.

And then the streets of La Jolla under the Mt. Soledad Cross began to cave in.

They shook their fists at God and said, "We don't care what the Bible says, We want the California school children indoctrinated into homosexuality!" And then Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law the heinous SB777 which bans the use of "mom" and "dad" in the text books and promotes homosexuality to all school children in California.

And then the wildfires of Southern California engulfed the land like a raging judgment against the radicalized anti-christian California rebels.

It's hard to argue with that logic! But Hartline will surely have the last laugh later when, as literally flaming sodomites run screaming around him, he calmly roasts marshmallows on Rosie O'Donnell's smoldering head.

They Would Not Listen -- And Now We Are Burning! [James Hartline Report]


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