Oh well here is a shocker: Nobody in California had the time, inclination, or detailed budgetary expertise to make a good ruling onthe many ballot measures up for approval yesterday, so instead they voted "no" on everything except a legislative salary freeze and then they went to In-n-Out Burger for a double double.

This whole enterprise had FAIL written all over it from the very beginning, because nobody really knew what they were voting on, plus they'd just voted like a month ago on something else, and really what is a state legislature for if not to do all this terrible voting crap all the time?

California is a marvel: a hotbed of technology innovation, home of the entertainment industry, with huge long stretches of just the most gorgeous coastline you have ever seen, but also terrible taxes and third-world infrastructure and an increasingly harried and broke populace who just want to move to Portland, Oregon (if they're white).

Who's to blame? Prop 13, the Prison Guards' Union, and of course the gays, somehow.

California voters kill budget measures [Los Angeles Times]


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