Call for Submissions: WaPo's Annual Peep Show

Call for Submissions: WaPo's Annual Peep Show

Here's a Peep Show for the whole family: TheWashington Post is now accepting submissions for its third annual Peeps Diorama Contest, in celebration of the "candy" Peeps that are somehow representative of Easter, in America.

The competition is steeper than one might imagine -- there were over 800 submissions last year. The dioramas can be of pretty much any famous scene or concept, and past finalists include a 3-D U2 show and a King Tut dig. But this has been the kind of year which will probably evoke 500 depictions of Obama in various stages of presidential candidacy. Something like a Peep-sized representation of Blagojevich parachuting himself into a chamber of live rats, representing the U.S. Senate, would surely stand out.

There are few rules to follow, and the due date is March 15. There's also a $100 award for the winner, so riches await! Go ahead, run to one of 12 nearby CVS stores for supplies and make Jesus proud. [WaPo Peeps Diorama Contest]


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