Campaign Bus Boob Wheels Delight Canadian Countryside


It's your Wonkette Wednesday Canadian Politics Roundup! Let's see, what's going on up there... ahh, this lady, Danielle Smith of Alberta's "Wildrose" party,appears to have wheels for boobs as her bus art, instead of the typical flapjack-on-the-head graphic. "We’re getting it adjusted right now since it will be a distraction throughout the campaign," a party spokesperson reassures. Endless distraction? We doubt the media would ever get distracted by something like this.

Shannon Stubbs, the party spokesperson, has had a good larf or two over the press attention, telling the National Post, "We do think that if this is the absolute worst thing to go wrong in the campaign, then that’s not too bad... We’ve been having a bit of laugh because of the attention it’s been getting. Somebody suggested we submit a picture into Leno or Letterman to get international attention, as well as the national coverage we’ve been getting.”

What fun! Letterman! Everyone's having so much fun. Yes, everyone...

“These stories continue to reinforce stereotypes about women… they tend to focus on women’s’ bodies instead of focusing on what women bring to the table in terms of their competencies,” said Clare Beckton, executive director of Carleton University’s Centre for Women in Politics and Public Leadership in Ottawa. [...]

“The media itself is as much responsible for this kind of behaviour — the media continues to write stories and support stories of this kind,” Beckton said.

The media?? Crap, she's talking about us -- EVERYBODY SCRAM--

[National Post via Michael Roston]


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