Campaign Slogan Contest

look closely and  you can see the strings that make him moveTBogg wants your perkiest Bush/Cheney slogans, but he's already taken the good ones:

"America! It's Not Just For Heterosexuals Anymore...Okay. Actually It Is..."

"If You're Reading This, 9/11 Wasn't So Bad Now, Was It?"

Some further ideas:

"Keep America Free From Ass-Fucking: Bush 2004"

"Re-Elect Bush/Cheney: You Didn't Really Want That Manufacturing Job, Anyway"

"Bush: He's Alive (Unlike Some Other Candidates We Could Name)"

"Vote Bush: It's Not Like He's Hitler"

Edwards, of course, already has gobs of great slogans. But what about Kerry? "Bring it on"? It's not even original! What's next, "54-40 or fight"? Send TBogg your Bush-Cheney taglines, we want your Kerry ideas. We'll get you started:

"Vote Kerry: He Does Too Have a Pulse"

"He Was in the War, You Know."

"Kerry: Won't Sleep with an Intern. Unless You Want Him To."

"Kerry: Taking Your Guns Away With His Cold, Dead Hands."

"Kerry for President: Two Positions for the Price of One"

"Fresh Because He's Frozen: Kerry 2004"

"I'm Not Gonna Pay A Lot for This President! Kerry 2004"

Perky Happy Fuzzy Baby Bunnies for Bush [TBogg]


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