Campaign Staff Also Sick & Tired Of Presidential Campaign

The Clinton zombies are racist."There is the abandoned $1,000-a-month temporary apartment in Des Moines, littered with dirty T-shirts and a deflated air mattress." Eliot Spitzer's love nest? A place to have men fuck you in front of your wife after dinner at T.G.I.F.? Not according to the liberal New York Times.

Instead, that sleazy apartment was once the home of Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for the Obama campaign. He abandoned it just as the presidential campaigns abandoned Iowa, nearly three months ago.

As always, it's even worse for Team Clinton. Spokesman Howard Wolfson's mom died during the campaign, and Other Spokesman Jay Carson had to postpone his wedding because the primary will never end.

But more lives will end, as everyone involved with the candidates will soon be killed by a terrible Avian Flu-style epidemic:

"The campaign charter planes are like sealed chambers of airborne disease," said Ryan Lizza, the Washington correspondent for The New Yorker. "I've been sick for about eight out of the last 16 weeks."

As Campaign Drags On, Aides Put Life On Hold [New York Times]


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