HOT TAKE: New Jersey Rigged, Virginia Most Accurate Election In American History, Probably

HOT TAKE: New Jersey Rigged, Virginia Most Accurate Election In American History, Probably

Let's take another look at the fallout from America's experiment last night with its fledgling democracy, just to see what else we can learn.

As the numbers were starting to arrive last night, Tucker Carlson explained to his viewers that the gubernatorial race in New Jersey would be just a "formality," because of all the dead people who vote there. However, Tucker found it strange, in the very next confused and contradictory breath, that New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy might not be doing as well as everybody would think, in a state full of dead voters that is controlled by the "Democratic machine."

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So somewhere at the beginning of COVID, Phil Murphy, who is a finance creep and governor of New Jersey, decided to crown himself king; he is now god of New Jersey. He is up for election and that's really a formality in New Jersey where dead people vote in large numbers. But what's interesting is that this guy who is part of the Democratic machine might not be doing as well as he should in a state that is controlled by the Democratic machine.

Those were words. That's about all we can say about them. They were not the best words.

As we type this, Dave Wasserman from the Cook Political Report has "seen enough" and declared that Murphy has held on to the governorship. The other bigwig election callers are slowly starting to trickle in. We assume the screams of RIGGED are being prepared as we speak, to explain how a Democrat in a Democratic state barely held onto the governorship.

Down there in Virginia, though, we are just not sure what's going on.

What we do know is that just yesterday, Newt Gingrich was on the TV explaining that if the Virginia race was tight, the Democrats would steal it. While he's correct that elections are stolen on the margins — perhaps by a few thousand votes in the Rust Belt in 2016, maybe because Paul Manafort was spiriting secret polling models away to Russian spies in the middle of the night — we are confused what went wrong in Virginia. The race is tight. So where is all our promised fraud, the kind Republicans say Democrats are always doing?

Did Dominion Voting Systems forget to do dumps in the middle of the night? That's what Donald Trump always talked about, the late-night "dumps." We don't know.

Whatever has happened, we're not hearing one million screams of "fraud" in Virginia this morning. It's almost like white Republicans don't actually believe election fraud is rampant, but rather simply believe that any election they don't win is inherently illegitimate, because they don't believe people who aren't white straight Christian Republicans should be allowed to vote.

There's one exception, though, somebody who is definitely screaming about stolen elections, and it is of course Donald Trump, who is using the occasion of Glenn Youngkin's narrow win to take credit, and also bitch about how the election he lost like a loser was rigged.

Trump said it on the radio with some wingnut host named John Fredericks, who ran Trump's campaigns in Virginia. Fredericks was just curious how Glenn Youngkin was able to win by just under two points, when Trump lost the state by 10 points last year. And this is what Trump had to say about that:

TRUMP: Yeah, I don't believe that we lost it, I don't believe we lost Virginia, and I think they tried to get away with murder in Fairfax, but there were too many eyes on it. You know, when I ran it was it was one of 50 states and other areas, okay — the islands, places nobody ever heard of. [...] What a mess, what a mess, this election process. No, I don't believe it. I've heard Virginia's blue, and all that, I never believed it was blue. [...]

All these people that turned out last night — look, without MAGA, he would have lost by 15 points. More, I think more than that.

Those are words.

It should be noted that today is the one-year anniversary of American voters smacking Trump across the face and telling him how much they really hate him. That's kind of the main reason we wrote this post, actually, so we could point that out.

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