Can We Also Vote For Kate McKinnon's Elizabeth Warren?


Kate McKinnon is the just best, isn't she? In last night's Saturday Night Live cold open, she brought back her glorious Elizabeth Warren impression — which has already made my all time top three best Saturday Night Live politician impressions, along with Dana Carvey's George Bush and Tina Fey's Sarah Palin. In fact, if someone could make me a "Billionaires don't like me... oh noooooooooo" GIF, that would be amazing and I would love you forever.


Elizabeth Warren Town Hall Cold Open - SNL

Seriously, can Kate McKinnon just also run for office as her Elizabeth Warren impression? Because I would vote for that. I would vote for that so hard.

Anyway, another nice cheery thing for a Sunday is the fact that when Trump went out to a UFC fight last night, HE GOT BOOED AGAIN.

But this time, delightfully enough, his supporters and his large adult son are literally claiming "Boo-urns."

Isn't he precious?

Anyway! Enjoy those delightful vids, and this, your open thread! GO TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!

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