Can We Just Have A War With North Korea Already?


Man, our Monday news is just such a bummer! You got your lost French airliner, your dead abortion doctor, a venerable car-maker going bankrupt, and now the Republicans have quit shouting "racist bigot" at the nation's first Hispanic Supreme Court nominee, so there is pretty much nothing fun or funny to talk about today. Thankfully, Bill Kristol is still around for laughs.

North Korea -- why not start a war with these people, anyhow? Give it a whirl, see what happens.

Why do we have a software mogul as our Secretary of Defense when this guy is waiting in the wings?

Kristol and Hume Call for Targeted Air Strikes on North Korea [Matt Yglesias]

Kristol says "it may be worth doing some targeted air strikes" in North Korea, Hume agrees [Media Matters]


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