Can You Hear Me Now, You Piece of Sh*t? Can You Hear Me Now?

bberry bberry badAt, helpful young women will, for a fee, stomp the living shit out of your cell or cellular device. We may be wrong, but it seems clear that Berry-type gizmos fall into the category of objects that must be punished. And, oh, God, the thought of some hot lady trampling on a Blackberry is sort of sexy. We'd say it's like bondage but you know it's actually sort of the opposite. . . It's the Berry, after all, that chains you to the fucking office, allows your boss to whip you into submission, and keeps you hovering on the edge of release. . . Oh, uhm, is it wrong to think that's sexy, too?

Don't answer that.

Previews [ via the captivating Fleshbot]


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