There is literally nothing more important on Earth than America Online's purchase of Arianna Huffington's celebriporn blog.Nothing. This is why Canadian agents provocateurs are leaving comments on the NYT calling for insurrection. Insurrection! This particular Canadian (we hide his assumed name to protect ourselves from the tanks of oppression) wants HuffPo bloggers to quit writing free blog posts for the HuffPo. Sounds like sedition to us!

Didn't anybody pay attention to Barack Obama's toastmasters presentation at the Chamber of Commerce meeting in the IHOP this morning? We are all pro-business now! ALL OF US. Write your free blog posts and do it like you love it, or else AOL could fail.

Listen to this traitor Canadian:

It is time to rebel, Egypt style. Don't file your blogs unless there is at least a token reward, a minimum $20 for well thought copy of 60 words or less, and much more for in-depth pieces.

Rebel. Bloggers are being taken advantage of on Huffington Post and on other so-called news sites which depend on free labor. Demand payment. Rebel.

Rudy H______


Canada! We knew it.

Uh, twenty dollars is a bit steep for anything that gets less than about 20,000 page views. (Trust us on this.) But we agree that Huffington Post bloggers should get like a dollar per blog post, as long as they write no more than two blog posts per month. That's the ultimate goal, for America: Reduce the number of blog posts and twitters and status updates and comments and everything, just reduce reduce reduce, to save money, for health care or something.

[NYT/Wall Street Journal]


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