Canada: Would It Be OK If We Hated You?

Who says Drudge doesn't break news? Today's news flash: "Over 40% of Canadian teens think America is 'evil,'" from a poll in the Toronto Free Press. Pretty strong stuff, but, being Canadians, they still manage to find a way to equivocate: "These teens appear to equate George W. Bush and Americans with Osama bin Laden and Hitler, although it is unknown if the teens polled would describe the latter two as being evil." Yeah, wouldn't want to go out on a limb there.

UPDATE: We thought this whole "evil" thing seemed a little too "extreme" for our mild-mannered neighbors to the north. Wonkette's diplomatic relations operative writes to say "I work in the [Canadian] media business, and until I followed the link from your webpage, I had never even heard of the 'Canada Free Press.' On perusing the webpage itself, it was immediately, floridly clear that it was a one-note kook publication of the variety that would have been passed out, in mimeo form, by a crazed-eyed vagrant in those happy golden pre-Internet days." Now, that's no way to talk about our father. But, yeah, it looks sketchy. If Drudge is short on news, why go to such suspect sources? Can't he just make it up himself?

Poll: over 40% of Canadian teens think America is "evil" [Canada Free Press via Drudge]


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