Canadian Legislator Resigns In Disgrace After Calling His Colleague A 'Dumb B-Word'

Greetings, Member of the Legislative Assembly!In Canada, they have a form of government that involves things called "legislative assemblies" or something, and a member of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly resigned as a secretary to the Premier after he called a fellow lawmaker a "dumb bitch." Basically, a remark that Nancy Pelosi hears a dozen times a day before breakfast made these poor polite Canadians go into palpitations and resign all over the place.

Hilariously, Mike Chisholm, the guy who resigned (only as legislative secretary, so he still makes charming Canadian laws), made the remarks after complaining about how another lawmaker was using bad language by calling him "lazy." Annnnd Chisholm worked as legislative secretary to Brad Wall, the premier of Saskatchewan, who recently landed in hot water after an old videotape made the rounds showing him at a party "making jokes in a Ukrainian accent."

The bottom line is, do not say "dumb bitch" or feign foreign accents if you want to retain your Canadian citizenship.

MLA apologizes for making offensive comment about female member [CBC]


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