Candace Owens Says We All Need To Just Chill The F**K Out About 'White Supremacy'

The House held hearings Friday on the continued threat of white supremacy in America. This annoyed Republicans, who believe it's like holding hearings about Bigfoot but with less compelling photographic "evidence." They demonstrated their contempt for the proceedings by inviting that perpetual self-loathing machine, Candace Owens, to speak. Owens slammed the hearings as a "farce." For the record, there's absolutely zero value in the opinions of the most embarrassing black woman alive. She's stupid and hates black people. That's the extent of her special skills and training. She didn't even finish college because she realized you don't need a degree to step and fetch professionally.


OWENS: White supremacy is indeed real, but despite the media's obsessive coverage of it, it represents an isolated, uncoordinated and fringe occurrence within America.

Friday, while Owens was tap-dancing for Republican amusement, the Department of Homeland Security officially recognized white supremacist terror as a major national security threat. A white supremacist murdered 22 people in El Paso, Texas, last month. Another shot up a California synagogue in April. Intelligent people understand this is a serious problem. But Owens claims it doesn't crack her Top 100 issues. It's unclear why she's ranking issues like she works at the record store in High Fidelity.Speaking on behalf of the 3 percent of black women who don't find Trump less appealing than toe jam, Owens described the true threats to our people, which she likely read on the bathroom wall at Fox News: Surprise! It's "black-on-black crime and the breakdown of families."

"Black-on-black crime" -- or, you know, "crime" -- is a BS conservative talking point, but even if Owens was genuine in her concern, black people in Chicago, last I looked, were Americans. Conservatives never talk about this as an *American* issue or a failing in American leadership. It's just a black thing. No one dismisses opioid addiction as "white-on-white crime." Black folks aren't hooking rural white people on pain pills. Democrats are also actively addressing the root causes of crime (poverty, income inequality, education). Owens claims no one talks about these "big issues," which is only true if she's never read a newspaper from the past 40 years.

She also shared some garbage about how society is "hostile to men and does not inspire masculinity and what it means to be a father figure in a house." The number one movie in the world is 2019's Avengers: Endgame, which is all about traditionally masculine men saving the world with a little help from women.

Captain America Lifts Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Scene - AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME (2019) Movie CLIP

Yeah, Owens also sucks at the "woman" half of "black woman." It's sad when of woman of any race testifies that she needs a man to explain basic morality to her kids. "Ms. Owens, did you tell your son not to mug old ladies?" "No, your honor, my vagina doesn't know the difference between right and wrong. Also, LGBT exist and are confusing."

Owens was upset that there were no exact numbers provided for white supremacist attacks. Well, she wasn't exactly upset, she found it "hilarious." You should see her when she reads "On The Lighter Side Of Lynchings." The LOLs don't stop.

Kathleen Belew, an intelligent person in possession of a human soul, "strenuously objected" to Owens's dismissive language. Belew reminded Owens that the Christchurch, New Zealand, mass shooting suspect listed her as an inspiration in his manifesto's liner notes. An actual human being might feel shame and regret. Owens repulsively tweeted "LOL" in response to the news. Owens had previously boasted of her hereditary advantage over Belew.

OWENS: I was just commenting backstage, I mean, back behind the chambers that it is quite ironic that I'm the only Black American that's sitting here and yet the people that called this hearing haven't asked me a single question about my experience.

That's not ironic. That's just what happened. Your personal experience isn't data. I'm a black male who's never been pulled over by the police. That doesn't mean police shootings of unarmed black men are all (very grim) fairy tales. I'm not the only black man in America. Although Owens is likely the only black woman at her hair salon. Belew is a University of Chicago professor who studies white nationalism. She's written books on the subject. I have no reason to believe Owens has read any. She just bears a passing resemblance to a black person. That's her sole qualification.

Owens insisted any focus on white nationalism is just "election rhetoric," an obvious attempt by Democrats to "assault an administration that is doing all that they can to help Black America in every single regard." Owens probably understands that no black person alive and conscious believes this nonsense. She just says it to make Republicans feel better about enabling a white supremacist administration that locks up brown children.

Republicans Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows defended Owens from annoyed Democrats and actual experts such as Katrina Mulligan, who "absolutely rejected" Owens's assertion that white supremacy "doesn't really matter." Mulligan is the managing director for National Security and International Policy at the Center for American Progress. Owens has said nice things about Hitler. She is a charlatan and a disgrace. Republicans argue that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is barely qualified to stand upright because she was a bartender. She has a degree in international relations and economics from Boston University. Owens has no relevant experience about white supremacy or racial matters in general. She is black and agrees with Republicans. That'll get you an invite to Congress. She's even allowed to get her "angry black lady" on, as long as her rage is aimed at white Democrats and liberals, who she blames for most of the black community's troubles. It's like she actually does believe in white supremacy.

It's an insult to the legitimate witnesses who prepared "facts" for these hearings that they would have to share the same panel as Candace Owens. Republicans obviously don't give a damn about white nationalism. Why should they? It pays their rent.

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