Candice Miller: Everything That's Right With Democracy

candicemiller.jpgOh fer chrissakes.

"This could be easy," said Rep. Candice S. Miller (R-Mich.), who proudly announced she has neither a law degree nor a college degree as she denounced the high court's 5 to 3 decision against the tribunals as "incredibly counterintuitive." "We could just ratify what the executive branch and the [Department of Defense] have done and move on."


Representative Miller, we think you're on the right track. Considering how demanding your job is, we'd be more than happy to fill in. We've prepared a couple statements to read on your behalf. Allow us to summarize the main points:

  • "We could just tape down the 'yes' buttons and go home, right?"

  • "We could just get those glasses with the eyes painted on and take a little nap."

  • "Oh, can we tag the executive branch and say 'you're it!' and make them write all the legislation?"

  • "Let's just copy last year's congressional record and paste it into this year's. Then -- PIZZA PARTY!"

Battle Looms in Congress Over Military Tribunals [WP]


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