Candidate Sorta Looks Like Cartoon!

Bill J. writes, "Your Wonkette girl looks a little bit like a woman running for Congress in the 3rd district of Minnesota .... Don't you think you your viewers should know the truth?"

The candidate in question is Wendy Wilde, who appears to be a deejay of some sort ... ah, public radio, Air America, etc. So she's a neoconservative. But does she actually look anything like our disturbingly bug-eyed noseless cartoon mascot? Thankfully, not of them isn't humanBut both Wendy and her hot daughter do sport stylish Wonkette-style smarty jones eyeglasses ... unlike the real Wonkette editors, who wear giant Larry King trifocals and toupees.

(Guest Editor's Note: How disgustingly small is the political/media world? I just found out Wendy Wilde is Wonkette editor Alex Pareene's stepmom.)


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