Cap Lounge Burned to Crisp

Img 1706Thanks to all the "citizen journalists" who confirmed the Cap Lounge immolation. We were off scouting new locations for the Heritage Foundation intern spanking party, so we didn't get back to post these pics until just now. The MSM is on the case as well, reporting that the fire started due to an "improperly disposed of cigarette." According to one eyewitness (email report and more photos after the jump), the place is completely totaled, though the "Marion Barry signed is smoke damaged but intact." Much like the ex-Mayor hisself, we'd say.

Fire Destroys Popular SE Washington Tavern [NBC4]

Report from the field:

As many of you know, the Capitol Lounge burned out from the inside early this morning. The blaze supposedly started around 6am. I spent a good 2-3 hours today viewing the carnage, taking pictures and mourning with others as we gathered outside the remains of our beloved lounge. The kitchen and "left" bar are completely destroyed including all TVs, the plasma TV, jukeboxes, cigarrette machine etc. The Marion Barry signed is smoke damaged but intact. The "right" bar is all smoke damage but the entire place will likely be gutted. Upstairs was not effected and adjacent buildings appear to be fine.

Simon seemed very upset. Colin and Mark were all business doing their best to make sense of the havok.

Here are some of the shots I took to try and give you a feel for the damage. The pictures really do not do the reality justice.

Img 1703

Img 1705-1


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