Capitol Crash: An Hour of Terror, An Hour Ago

The Capitol was shut down for an hour today (we would've put the siren out, but we were watching Allen and Warner Webb [goddam are we out of it this morning] on Meet the Press -- because no, we aren't waking up early on Sunday to see George Wallace Lite argue with John Knox, Jr.) because, uh, someone ran a car into the barricade and walked in. Yeah, just some guy. Good to know security at the Capitol is still top-notch -- you know this shit wouldn't go down at the White House.

Did crazy guy say anything about being "late for a vote?" 'Cause if so, we totally know who it was.

Last we heard from the AP, the car ("light-colored SUV") was cordoned off and being searched. So -- any bored staffers out there snap a good picture of the CHAOS GRIPPING CONGRESS? Or baseball cap guy? Send 'em in.

Man Arrested After Crashing Through Capitol Barricade [AP via CNN]


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