Capitol Hill Awash In April Fool's Hijinks

  • Heard on the Hill: The Twin Cities are staying up past their bedtime for the Republican Convention...Chris Bell still doesn't like Barack Obama...The Rolling Stones satisfy both sides of the aisle. [Roll Call]
  • Reliable Source:Hillary Clinton is heavily quoted in former classmate Steve Goodman's bio...D.C. lose one Jack Quinn, keeps the other. [WP]
  • Yeas and Nays: Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney needs to watch her sound bites...If President Bush attended your dinner, he's taking the credit...Every Senator wants to be the first. [Examiner]
  • In the Know: Congressmen go to jail, but stay on the other side of the bars...It looks like the end of The 2nd Amendments...For the record, Nancy Pelosi did receive a birthday cake...The Capitol's security beefs up to prevent falling tourists. [The Hill]
  • Shenanigans:John Boehner punks us all for April Fool's Day...Chris Shays would never leave Babs...Bill Press endorses Ralph Nader, turns around and laughs...More VP talk...Former press secretary to Rep. Rick RenziMelissa Middleswoth doesn't let a scandal stop her from moving on up. [Politico]

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