We haven't received too many responses yet to our Valentine's Day request for your tales of kissing "famous for D.C." types, such as members of Congress, high-ranking Administration officials, or well-known talking heads. So if you have any, please email us. And they don't have to be scandalous -- we'd welcome an email from the wife of a senator saying that her husband is a super smoocher.

We would, however, like tales of real kissing -- you know, the good old-fashioned open-mouth kind. So this reader email, while cute in its own way, wasn't exactly what we had in mind:

On a school trip to DC recently, one of my teenage Republicans kissed (on the cheek) and hugged ED MEESE, after he engaged in a private conversation at the Heritage Foundation. Just thought you would be interested. Meese turned beet red. It was hilarious. He was very gracious.

edwin meese.jpgYes, Ed Meese: the controversial former Attorney General, adored by conservatives and despised by liberals, famous -- or infamous -- for his roles in the Iran Contra and Wedtech matters. Who knew he could be so cuddly?

Also, who knew that teenage Republicans could harbor so much enthusiasm for a conservative icon from before they were born? It's now clear to us why the Republicans have been enjoying greater electoral success than the Democrats lately: their groupies are more passionate!

(Does anyone have stories about teenage Democrats throwing their panties at Carter AG Benjamin Civiletti? No, we didn't think so. But clients do pay Civiletti $1,000 per hour -- which sure buys a lot of Victoria's Secrets.)

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