Capitol Hill Kiss-and-Tell: Two Tales

On Valentine's Day, we asked you for stories of kissing prominent politicians and the like. Here's an anecdote we received about one renowned womanizer, the late Strom Thurmond:

strom thurmond.jpgWhen I was an intern in the U.S. Senate circa 1979 for Senator Bob Morgan (D-NC), oh god. I went to have my pic taken with Sen. Strom Thurmond (don't ask, all my roommates were working for him). We line up to take the shot and the senior senator from SC leans in and gives me a buss on the cheek, which was the cover for his trying to slip his hand between my legs! Needless to say I had a shocked expression on my face in the pic.

And here's another juicy story for your reading pleasure:

OK, it doesn't involve kissing or a high-ranking Administration figure (yet), but still pretty gross/funny/disturbing. A relative of mine witnessed [prominent politician] with one of his political appointees spread-eagled on his desk.

Later that week, she was promoted. Guess she was pretty good. Or just kept her from talking. Rumor has it she's waiting for a presidential run before she goes to the press -- she was in love, he dumped her. Same old story.

Unlike Ol' Strom, the politician involved in the second alleged incident is very much alive -- which is why we've turned the story into a blind item (at our tipster's request, to protect the job of the original source).

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