Capitol Hill Writer Seeks Intern/Ho

Craigslist yields someone looking for his Monica:

I am a creative professional who maintains two separate offices in DC -- one in Adams-Morgan, and one on Capitol Hill. I need regular, part-time help with a wide variety of semi-clerical tasks...


The job isn't quite as simple as I've made it out to seem. If you are a successful candidate for this job, you must be willing to consider performing what I'll refer to as "alternative" tasks as well. While the precise details of these additional duties are certainly negotiable, the fact that they will be part of the job is not. The only question is whether you'll be able to perform them to my satisfaction and with as much gusto and enthusiasm as you will apply toward your clerical responsibilities.

What's incredible here is, of course, that anyone would perform clerical tasks with "gusto and enthusiasm."

Need a job? Willing to go the extra mile? - m4w [Craigslist]


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