Capitol Leader: Now With Mike Allen, Crappy New Name

Having lured away the Post's John Harris and Jim VandeHei (as well as Capital File's Anne Schroeder and everyone who has ever written for The Hill), Allbritton's new media Hill newspaper-plus-website (brilliant! Web 2.0!) has now kind of stolen Mike Allen from Time.

As reported in the NY Times today (Allbritton, a little peeved that a website kept announcing all their hires, made sure to go for the Kit Seelye special this time), the venerable (and pretty good) White House reporter will be covering that beat for the newspaper that was briefly going to be called "The Capitol Leader" and is now called "The Politico."

Christ, "The Politico?" Way to pick a name that makes "HotSoup" sound good. You guys realize that it means "a politician" and not "the dudes who cover politicians," right?

Also, Mike Allen, who is smart, will continue writing for Time.

More Journalists Join Political News Venture [NYT]


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