Capitol Scandal: With Whom Will Specter Lunch?

Capitol Scandal: With Whom Will Specter Lunch?

It's going to be great, tomorrow, when we can all quit acting like we care about Arlen Specter beyond, you know, his vote. Meanwhile, OMG WITH WHOM WILL ARLEN SUP, AT THE SENATE DINING ROOM? Because you know heused to lunch with his Republican "colleagues," but now he hates them, so ... Hot Pockets and some web porn back in the office? Let's check with The Hill, which actually follows the lunch routines of the old people who inhabit the Senate, and find out.

"I've got my wife. I have my wife," Specter said to laughter after emerging from Senate elevators to a mob of reporters. "There she is, the good-looking blonde over there. And the handsome fella is my son. We're about to go down to the dining room. That's where I'm having lunch."

Terrific! We will check back with you in, say, 2010?

Specter having tough time finding lunch buddies [The Hill]


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