Capitol Threatened By Confused Old Man In Pajamas

Nurse! Nuuuurrrssse! - WonketteConrad Burns is finished, but his proud western old-crazy-guy values live on in the horrifying form of Pietro "Pete" Vichi Domenici, currently scaring the bejesus out of Hill staffers. Roll Call reports:

We had a number of reports Friday that Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) was wandering the halls of Senate office buildings in his jammies.
But don't worry. The 74-year-old New Mexico senator says they're just "hunting pants," with "two pockets like any else."

Did somebody say 2007 was going to be awesome? Yes, we did.

Pajama Party ... or Not [Roll Call]

Is Senator wandering around office buildings clad only in his jammies? [Raw Story]


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