Captain Nemo & Crew Captured At Brooklyn Docks

Vingt mille lieues sous les mers - WonketteA whimsical Victorian submersible was captured today beneath the Brooklyn Steamship Terminal, and three top-hatted gentlemen were escorted to the constable for rigorous questioning regarding the undersea adventure. The captain was apparently seeking a "sea monster" or narwhal that had damaged a passenger ship off Long Island, officials said today.

The mysterious orblike vehicle, pictured, has a circular port hatch on top and is equipped with oxygen tanks, ABC News reports.

New York officials immediately declared that whatever the hell was going on, it most certainly and definitely was NOT terrorism, or terror-related. BREAKING UPDATE! Mystery solved. Indeed, revolutionary war heroes have returned from 1776 to bomb the fucking British into submission.

Three Pulled from Sublike Vessel in NYC River [ABC News]


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