Car Lady Is In Town For Car Talks, But What About Supreme Court???


Jennifer Granholm, a woman who will never be elected president of the United States because she is a Snow Mexican, may have to settle for the Supreme Court instead. Rumors have beenFLYING about her getting appointed to the bench, and today they fly ever more vigorously because OMG she's in town. Coincidentally, was she involved in all this hullabaloo about fuel emissions and efficiency standards perhaps because she is the governor of Michigan, the state where all the cars (used to) come from? Nope, the whole "cleaner, gentler auto industry" announcement is clearly a FEINT to get Granholm into a secret back room with Obama where they can talk about Constitutional philosophy.

Extra bonus grossout compliant-press watch: How can anyone argue that our White House press corps is just a pack of lonely nerds looking for a friend when you read stuff like this?

As to when [a Supreme Court] announcement might come, the press secretary provoked laughter as he served up, in perfect deadpan, an utterly obvious response: “An announcement could come,’’ Mr. Gibbs said, “as soon as the president makes a decision.’’


Granholm’s in the House, Leading to Supreme Court Chatter [The Caucus]


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