Cardin Staffer Blog Scandal!!!!

Ben Cardin and some 19th century citizens of Olde Baltimore - WonketteA brief primer for those of you kind enough to email us tips. We love and desperately need you, so don't take this the wrong way, but... the Maryland Senate race is boring. Comparatively, we mean. Ok. A Ben Cardin (Cardin's... not the black guy, right?) had a staffer who wrote an anonymous blog that said questionable things about Oreo cookies, black people, and grope-y old Jews. And, you know, congrats to Wizbang, you cracked this one wide open (though we're pretty sure we got the same email you guys did on September 14), you deserve all the credit...

...but christ, on the other end of our humble district is Senator Shanda fur di Goyim versus challenger James "Thunder Thighs" Webb.

So, once again, no offense, but if you "can't believe" we haven't covered this yet, well, tell us how to explain the situation in less than 1,000 words. Or send us a YouTube video or something.

Secret Cardin Staffer Blog Exposed! [Wizbang]


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