Carl Cameron, Daily Show Wannabe?

Liberals seem to be feeling awful smug about Carl Cameron getting caught posting lame fake Kerry quotes, but we're pretty sure the joke's on the Kerry supporters: Any campaign where people worry that "Women should like me! I do manicures!" might be mistaken as a real talking point is in more trouble than Cameron could possibly cause. There are, of course, calls to suspend Cameron or at least take him off the Kerry beat. (We're sure that Karl Rove would be happy to kick every reporter who ever told a Bush-is-dumb joke out of the White House, too!) Wonders Josh Marshall: "If Cameron sits around writing up phony news stories only for Fox News colleagues which portray Kerry as a swishy fool, can he really credibly cover the campaign as a straight news reporter?" Well, if at this point in the election, Cameron didn't think Kerry was a swishy fool, he wouldn't be much of a reporter, would he?

Fox New Channel admits reporter posted fake story about Kerry [AFP/Yahoo]

A few questions and points about Carl Cameron's Kerry-bashing fabrications on Fox, or A Guide for the Perplexed [TPM]


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