Carl Paladino Accused of Mailing 'Sexual Predator Alerts'


Just one more day just one more day just one more day:

The wife of a Libertarian running for New York governor race is speaking out against an anonymous campaign mailer that depicted her husband as the subject of a "sexual predator alert."

No one has claimed responsibility for the mailer that is estimated to have gone to a few hundred addresses in New York. It calls Libertarian candidate Warren Redlich a danger to children and neighborhoods, and it gives his home address.

On Sunday Redlich's wife, Heather Redlich, issued a lengthy statement saying the political hit caused her to fear for the safety of her children.

She says her husband never committed a crime and families have no reason to fear.

Redlich says Republican candidate Carl Paladino's campaign is responsible for the mailer. Paladino spokesman Michael Caputo rejected Redlich's claim.

Just one more day!


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