Carl Paladino Has a Baseball Bat: The Best of Last Night's Coverage


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What is going on with Bachmann in this video? Her face is just unnatural, for one, but God, is her whole point of going on with those cackling MSNBC bitters just so there will be a clip of her making fun of that evil librul channel to pass around in fundraising e-mails? She has no idea that Chris Matthews is making her look bad, and if Chris Matthews is making you look bad, you're doing something terribly wrong. Other great clips we've collected from last night: Christine O'Donnell's victory speech, Carl Paladino suddenly appearing with a baseball bat at his podium, and Joe Manchin being undermined by a small child in a fedora.

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We discussed this in this thread. What a horrific moment. Even when you thought that unelectable pube lady had finally lost, she says it's not true. STOP IT, CRAZY WOMAN.

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Somehow we missed this part, but this whole drunken speech was something to behold. As we noted, Paladino kept pausing so the assembled Teabaggers could shout stuff out, and at one point, some guy yelled, "Secession!" So if you're keeping score, that's South Carolina, Texas, and upstate New York that are about to "join" into a new confederacy.

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And here's last night's snazzy Democratic hero, the small child in a fedora being held up behind Joe Manchin during his victory speech, completely undermining his attempts to be down-home and aw-shucksy. [YouTube]


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