Carl Paladino's Violent Pit Bull Probably Just Carl Paladino Furry


Carl Paladino is probably themost violent gubernatorial candidate in United States History. But what about Paladino's 80-pound pit bull, "Duke"? Is he violent too? It would seem so, because Duke recently attacked a helpless "yellow" Labrador, which is not only violent but also sounds kinda racist! Wait a second ... Is "Duke" Carl Paladino's racist dog fursona?

David Crea, a chemical engineer who helped organize the Tea Party rally, said the dog belonged to visitors who were camping in nearby Warren W. Clute Memorial Park. “The dog was just an innocent bystander,” Mr. Crea said.

Efforts on Monday to find out how the dog was faring were unsuccessful.

Duke, a 5-year-old British Staffordshire bull terrier, is not known to be a hothead. He can often be found curled up on a couch or digging lazily through trash in Mr. Paladino’s offices.

So this "dog" pounces on innocent "yellow bystanders" and eats garbage, for nourishment? Yeah, that's Paladino in a furry costume, alright! [NYT]


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