Carly Fiorina In Hospital, Meg Whitman Concedes To Governor Brown


Let's check in with our California Bureau to see what's going on with all the hawt governor races and Senate races and the Marijuana Legalize It law and other such concerns in the world'sfifth sixth seventh ninth tenth biggest failed economy. First, the Republican lady who destroyed so many lives in California, Carly Fiorina, is in the Hospital! She has some scary infection related to her cancer surgery. It would be a shame if this is what makes her lose to Barbara Boxer, because Fiorina is such a vapid mean-girl dolt that it's basically unfair to Breast Cancer if her Poor Health trumps the many other reasons she is completely unqualified to serve in the Senate. Also, Meg Whitman accidentally and hilariously made a commercial endorsing Jerry Brown for governor!

First, the surprising hospital news about Fiorina, a week before Election Day:

Carly Fiorina, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in California, has been hospitalized for treatment of an infection, her campaign said in a statement released Tuesday.

The infection is related to reconstructive surgery she had after successfully battling breast cancer, the statement said.


The campaign did not say when or where she was admitted.

The Wall Street Journal adds this: "Campaign staffers wouldn't elaborate on the terse statement, which also said Ms. Fiorina remains cancer-free after being treated for it last year."

Despite headlines about Fiorina "surging" in the final stretch, most polls show her trailing Barbara Boxer by between five and eight points. Get well soon, Carly, so you can lose for the original reason of being awful.

As for loser-lady Meg Whitman, it's best that you just watch this commercial:

[youtube expand=1]

Haha, Meg Whitman has never actually voted, so it's no real shock to hear her describe Jerry Brown's time as governor as a wonderful period in California history. What's a governor, anyway?


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