GOP Senate candidate and high-tech dynamo Carly Fiorina has been sending her loyal supporters to protest Barbara Boxer and her new "Jobs for California Tour" -- aka the “broken promises tour,” ha. Fiorina’s paparazzi have been taking pictures of her protester armies and posting them on her online Twitpic photo album, to show We the Tweeple how much she’s loved. But maybe she should stop it because HEY WHERE IS EVERYBODY?

Sure, this group of matching men wearing celebrity sunglasses and oozing youthful vigor makes for an impressive sight. But the Carly Quartet's display of classic “Fresno cool” is countered by Mr. Grumpy McLoner and his sad little placard:

... unless the light-up sign behind him is his big sarcastic joke, in which case he deserves a free Hewlett-Packard desktop computer for his comedy efforts.

Have you seen Carly’s propaganda zeppelin yet? Its is emblazoned with the URL, which is where Fiorina talks about how much Barbara Boxer sucks. And it completely dwarfs this band of protesters, who look like they all might be related somehow:

Here are the same parking lot protesters, now standing under a tree (maybe to look like different people?):

This young group’s lateral formation does not make them look “populous.” The gal holding a “” sign does get an "A" in sassy, though:

[Carly for CA's Twitpic]


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