Caroline Kennedy Cannot Apologize Enough, To America, For Her Own Existence


  • Today is Day 1 of the Coleman-Franken battle royale. The real winners are the people of Minnesota, and also probably Al Franken. [The Corner]
  • Most New Yorkers blame Caroline Kennedy for Caroline Kennedy's decision to ruin democracy and publicly disgracing the esteemed office of Chuck Schumer's intern by failing to get a Senate appointment. [CNN Political Ticker]
  • Former (!) President George W. Bush won't be allowed to take all of his diplomacy bonus prizes back to Texas. Such winnings include: the weird cowboy shit given to him by Australia's PM, a (hardcover) book of sonnets from Putin, and a promise necklace from King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud. [Washington Post]
  • Good to know: Bill Kristol was downsized from the Times because he was a terrible writer who made up facts for his weekly sloppy fictions, not because he is a conservative or Sarah Palin's friend. [Daily Beast]
  • RNC Chairperson Marc Ambinder has selected your new Republican Last Great Hope for 2012: it's pretend human "Dirk Kempthorne," which is an anagram for "Kathryn Jean Lopez". [Marc Ambinder]

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