Cartoon-Mocking Blogger To Mock Cartoonish Politics In Questionable Scheme

Gawker Media's desperate deliberate and thoughtful search for a David Lat replacement continues on its merry way, but in the meantime, poor Alex needs a little help. That's why they called me. They knew I had three qualities crucial to any blogger: the ability to operate basic blogging software, the lack of any kind of legitimate employment that might interfere with my blogging during business hours, and a sad and pathetic need for attention.


Hi, everybody! My name's Josh Fruhlinger. You might know me better as the guy who writes the Cartoon Violence feature here, or from my own blog, the Comics Curmudgeon, or as "jfruh" in the Wonkette comments. I'll be pinch-hitting as half of the Wonkette team for part of this week. I admit that I'm not really accustomed to striding about in the corridors of power -- the closest I've ever been to our elected leaders was a couple of months ago when I went to the Congressional Baseball game, though my wife did get felt up by Strom Thurmond back when she was a Hill intern in college, and I've asked her repeatedly what that was like. I also live in Baltimore, which the census bureau seems to think is part of the extended Washington area, but just between you and me, we kind of hate D.C., and by "kinda," I mean "with a burning, rage-filled anger."

But before you start questioning my qualifications for this guest-blogging stint, keep in mind that they could have tried to dig up yet another Reason editor, and I don't think anybody wants that.

Anyway, my main goals this week will be to try to work references to Mary Worth, Apartment 3-G, or Mark Trail into the political commentary here, and to not be sued for libel. Oh, and also amuse and inform all of you, and to generate pageviews that fill Gawker Media's coffers with sweet, sweet ad money. But mostly the Apartment 3-G thing, to be honest.


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