Castro Packs Up His Cigars And Goes Home

  • America won't have Fidel Castro to kick around anymore. After nearly 49 years in power, the Cuban leader has stepped down. [Miami Herald]
  • Castro's farewell letter to his beloved Cuba isn't as long as one of his speeches, anyway. Read it in English here and in Spanish here. [Diario Granma]
  • Pervez Musharraf's party got spanked at the elections, paving the way for two moderate opposition parties to remake Pakistan into the peaceful, secular "Switzerland of South Asia" we always knew it could be. [New York Times]
  • Someone finally told the President about Darfur and now he talks about it all the time like he invented it or something. [New York Times]
  • Clinon's black supporters wonder how to deal with Obama - other than vote for him, of course. [Washington Post]
  • Listen, you get all the way over to China and pretty much everything looks the same, including all their dumb factories. [Washington Post]
  • For Republicans in need of re-election, campaigning with a man who will never be president will be far more helpful than campaigning with one who is. [Politico]
  • Populist rhetoric never works on the campaign trail. Except after 7 years of this shit, in which case it works pretty well. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Oh, hey. There's a primary in Wisconsin. [Washington Times]

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