You can tell from some of the ketzels

The above photo, which has been going around the interwebs with the claim that Donald Trump helped rescue kittycats from flooding in Houston, is Photoshopped. Not only did locate the original photo, taken during Iowa flooding in 2008, but anyone with a lick of sense knows Donald Trump was baffled by the task of putting relief supplies in a pick-em-up truck, and would certainly never get his pants damp to help another living being unless perhaps there were a hell of a lot of money in it.

No, dear, the supplies go in the back. Bless his heart, he tried.

Snopes explains the original pussy shot was from 2008, and was rerun in a 2009 Des Moines Register "Where are they now?" piece on the prior year's flooding:

Brandon Smith wading through water in Cedar Rapids with his cats clutched to his chest embodied the ultimate test of mettle that the historic disaster foisted upon Iowa. Yet the cats with clinging paws reflected perhaps the entirety of 2008 a year in which we often felt as if we needed to hold on as tight as we could. The good news is, like Smith and his cats, we endured and in some cases thrived. Smith, fiancee Sarah Neumann and their beloved pets are dry and living in a farmhouse near De Witt. The couple, who already have a toddler, two dogs and a third cat, are adding to their brood, expecting their second child.

The cats' names are "Fry" and "Bender." Obviously, Mr. Smith was a big fan of Star Trek. The original photo later ended up getting motivational-poster'd on Twitter, which makes it fair use enough for us:

Snopes notes that this is far from the only fake photo of Trump helping with rescues in Houston; he also did not save a guy while riding in an Austin Fire Dept. raft, either. The fact-checking site carefully pointed out that it is not customary for presidents to rescue anyone personally outside of action movies.

White House sources familiar with the issue denied to Yr Wonkette that President Trump had displayed any empathy in Houston, and emphatically stated that he had no plans to have empathy for anyone in the future.

Now get to Open Threading, you delightful knuckleheads. Who's a silly pussens? Is it you? Is it YOU?

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