Considering Rudy Giuliani's very special relationship with accused child-fucker/pedophile ringleader Monsignor Alan J. Placa, it seems like we should keep up with the priests-fucking-children thing because who knows how many of them will end up running DoJ or whatever if, by some terrible/orchestrated terrorist attack, Giuliani somehow becomes Dictator for Life.

With that, we present the day's news about Catholic Priests fucking little boys, courtesy of Kathy Shaw's incredible

* Priest charged with sexually abusing boy in wake of $800m settlement.

* Statement Of The Archdiocese Of Los Angeles Regarding The Arrest Of Father George Miller.

* Attempted murder, sex assault trial delayed for Las Vegas priest.

* "An undercover San Luis Obispo County sheriff's deputy last week arrested the Rev. Geronimo Enrique Cuevas, 52, for lewd conduct near a secluded beach that attracts nude bathers."

* Ex-Catholic priest from Utah to stay in prison for molesting boy.


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