Cathy McMorris Rodgers Is A Horrible Lying Assclown

So, y’all remember thatvagina’d monologue from the lady who gave the official, not-in-Spanish GOP response to Dictator Obama’s State of the Union speechy thingy? Yeah, the one who seemed all sweet and stuff, until you listened to her words, which were fluff and boring, and apparently full of lies. Because when you are addressing the entire nation after the President, who would have ever thought that the media would maybe, possibly, look into the words that came forth from your mouthhole and check them against reality? Not every media outlet treats the GOP like Fox News.

During Cathy McMorris Rodgers response, she mentioned “Bette from Spokane,” who was kicked off her health insurance and was facing a “nearly $700 per month” increase in her premiums, #ThanksObama. This was to illustrate how bad the law was, and how all Americans everywhere were suffering because Obamacare is THE WORST. And there is no way that the media (thanks, Spokesman-Review) would find this “Bette,” and certainly no way that there would be cheaper options for “Bette” that the Congresswoman neglected to mention, because who would be so utterly incompetent as to tell a bald-faced LIE on national television that could be tracked down merely days later?

It turns out that Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and her staff, are, indeed, that incompetent. Or just liars. Probably both. 

First off, Bette -- who turned out to be Bette Grenier -- did not even know that she was going to be mentioned on national teevee:

“That probably was me she was referring to,” Grenier said. “A guy from her office called me last week but I never called him back.”

Great staff work there, folks. Way to verify that the story you heard was true, because only some 30 million people would hear it. The staff did verify the basic facts, right?

McMorris Rodgers’ office provided no explanation Wednesday on what steps were taken to verify the figures.

Of course not, because why let little things like ‘facts’ and ‘the truth’ get in the way of bashing Obamacare. The real story is how Obamacare is terrible and will death panel you, but only after you paid millions of dollars in premiums so the Editrix can get free slut pills to be a slutty slutty whoremonster.

Well, let’s meet this Bette and see what the facts are.

[T]he “nearly $700 per month” increase in her premium that McMorris Rodgers cited in Tuesday night’s GOP response to the State of the Union address was based on one of the pricier options, a $1,200-a-month replacement plan that was pitched by Asuris Northwest to Grenier and her husband, Don.

Wowsers, so there certainly were cheaper options available to this nice family. That did not come up at all during the SOTU response. In fact, McMorris Rodgers made it seem like the only option "Bette from Spokane" had was $700 more, which would be pretty terrible.

But the new insurance would still be more expensive that their old insurance. We wonder why?

Although the couple’s catastrophic plan had a $10,000 deductible, it included four doctor visits per year at no additional out-of-pocket cost, she said.

Oh. They had crappy insurance, so crappy that the government said that you would need to get better insurance because insurance this crappy just shouldn’t be on the market at all, being that it is really crappy and all.

So sure, they would have to pay a little more out of pocket for better insurance with “lower deductibles and broader coverage.”  How wonderful. We are betting that they took advantage of them, because that sounds kinda awesome.

But wait!! Did Bette even try to go on the online exchange? Perhaps they could go on to the handy-dandy World Wide Web and find an even CHEAPER option?

And, Grenier acknowledged the couple probably could have shaved another $100 a month off the replacement policy costs by purchasing them from the state’s online portal, the Health Plan Finder website…

Holy crap, even cheaper if they do it through the exchange! That's saving $1,200 per year, which would buy the Wonket seekrit chatcave an entire half-day's worth of whiskey (the cheap stuff). Did Bette rush to do it?

“I wouldn’t go on that Obama website at all,” said Grenier, 58, who lives in the Chattaroy area and owns a roofing company with her husband.

Oh. So Bette is a whiny-ass petulant titty-baby. There might be a cheaper option than the ones quoted to her by her provider, but no self-respecting person would go on “that Obama website,” just to get better coverage at a cheaper rate! That person would be a MORON. So what did Bette decide to do?

 Fed up with what they considered limited, pricey choices, she said she and her husband have decided to go without coverage.

Perfect. So rather than paying a little more -- NOT $700 MORE LIKE THAT LYING CATHY MCMORRIS RODGERS SAID -- Bette and Don are just going without health insurance. That’ll show the government! Sure will, right up until they are in the emergency room and the government picks up the tab. Haha, jokes on… well, us taxpayers, we guess.

[The Spokesman Review]

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