CBS Files Motion to Dimiss Dan Rather's Bizarre, Mystifying Lawsuit

rather.jpgYesterday in New York Supreme Court, CBS filed a 30-page motion to dismiss former reporter Dan Rather's $70 million civil lawsuit, reports The New York Observer. CBS executives released a statement saying network execs are "mystified" by Rather's "bizarre allegations" and will "vigorously" defend themselves in court. "Dan Rather is one of the most important figures in the history of broadcast journalism, and for more than 40 years was one of our most valued colleagues," CBS said in the statement. "That is why we at CBS are mystified and saddened by the baseless and self-serving allegations and distortions of fact raised in his lawsuit." Details after the jump.

"This lawsuit is a regrettable attempt by plaintiff Dan Rather to remain in the public eye, and to settle old scores and perceived slights, based on an array of far-fetched allegations," say court documents.

"The Complaint is predicated on allegations of a bizarre scheme extending from the White House to an array of CBS executives including Sumner Redstone, CBS's Executive Chairman, Leslie Moonves, CBS's Chief Executive Officer, and Andrew Heyward, formerly president of CBS News, all of whom, according to Rather, colluded to harm Rather's reputation and keep him off the air," add CBS lawyers. "Of course, there was no such nefarious scheme, and Rather's allegations bear no resemblance to reality. CBS and its executives are not now, and never have been, out to get Dan Rather."

What's the frequency, now, Kenneth?

CBS "Mystified" by Dan Rather's "Bizarre Allegations", Files Motion to Dismiss [NYO]

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