CBS: Josh Howard's Cage Match with Les Moonves

Unlike certain other TV news folks of recent days who've abruptly resigned under dubious pressures, "60 Minutes" executive producer Josh Howard and his CBS girl gang, Mary Murphy and Betsy West, aren't so willing to be fired over the endless "60 Minutes" fake document scandal. In fact, although they were reported to be out of there more than a month ago, they're all still getting paid.

And suddenly there are lawyers and subpoenas and documents, which makes us very very hot. Sexy steamy discovery process! We hope RatherGate never ends, really -- especially if Howard, unwilling to take the fall for a shitty story that went to air against his will, apparently, smacks up CBS head Les Moonves with a defamation claim.

The CBS Three Won't Slink Off; Hiring Lawyers [NYO]

Retract this: CBS Fires 4 Staffers In Wake of Probe [WaPo]


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