CBS Quickly Booked Kissinger and Haig in a Free-Throw Contest

condisweats.jpgDear DC residents with Tivo,

We have a small request. Please please pleaserecord this:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will flex more than her diplomatic muscles when she demonstrates her personal workout regime on network television this week.
"She is tough, I have to tell you," said Barbara Harrison, a news co-anchor with the NBC4 channel in Washington who persuaded Rice, 51, to put on her gym sweats and participate in a regular segment on health and fitness.
"She looks good throughout the whole workout," Harrison added.

Here's the catch, though: "The relevant news segments -- each lasting a few minutes -- will be broadcast over three days, with each one starting at 5:45 am." And we're not waking up that early to catch a glimpse Condi exercising. Dean Acheson, maybe.

So. Record it. Upload it to YouTube or whatever the kids do these days. Send it to us. Because come 2008, it'll all come down to who can pull off Lycra.

Pumping Iron, With Condoleezza Rice [AFP via Breitbart]


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