Cease This Ballyhoo-Kicking Already, Pleads Ahmadinejad

  • Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Why not buy them the beleaguered quirky carmaker Saab, whose bid deadline has been helpfully extended? [Reuters]
  • The story of failed Nigerian terrorist Umar Abdulmutallab would make a crappy piece of short fiction, as it contains no discernible epiphanies. [New York Times]
  • Several former Guantanamo Bay detainees appear to be behind the Yemen-based plane-bombing plot, which just makes you wonder why the Bush administration was so unpatriotic as to let those detainees out of prison in the first place. [Washington Post]
  • The Mexican pig AIDS is particularly ferocious to those with asthma. [Boston Globe]
  • Israel's refusal to release a baker's dozen of notorious Palestinian prisoners is holding up negotiations to free an IDF soldier who has been held by Hamas for some time now. [Jerusalem Post]
  • The president of Iran has had about enough of Western nations "kicking up ballyhoos." The latest "ballyhoo" involved violent citizen-fueled anti-government protests over the weekend. [Los Angeles Times]

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