Celebrate America This Weekend, Because That's What You're Supposed To Do

Celebrate America This Weekend, Because That's What You're Supposed To Do
  • Thursday, July 2: To honor America for kicking ass since 1776, Z Burger out in Tenlytown is hosting a hamburger-eating contest starting at noon on Thursday. Whoever eats the most burgers in 10 minutes wins $1,500, among other prizes. Registration is already closed, but you should for sure go and watch the spectacle. Nothing says "Happy Independence Day" like people vomiting hamburgers. Our founding fathers would be so proud. [Z Burger]

  • Thursday, July 2: Holiday = bar crawl.  At least that's how Lindy Promotions -- the geniuses who bring you all the overpriced holiday bar crawls -- operates.  To celebrate Independence Day, they are hosting a "patriotic bar crawl" (their penchant for unique names is astounding) on Thursday starting at 5PM.  The crawl includes 12 different bars, and ticket prices vary depending on whether or not you feel inclined to donate canned goods. [Midtown Liberty Bar Tour]
  • Saturday, July 4: WooHoo America: you're free, let's eat! On Saturday, find a BBQ, drink booze, and watch the fireworks. This one really shouldn't be that hard, but if you can't manage to find BBQ on your own, the Washingtonian has a nice breakdown of restaurants offering Independence Day specials. But they don't know everything -- there's also a 2-for-1 frozen yogurt special at Yogen Fruz.  [Washingtonian, Yogen Fruz]
  • Sunday, July 5: Instead of changing the theme of his weekly pool party to have something to do with, say, Independence, Chef Spike is hosting a "whatever floats your boat" competition, this Sunday from 12PM-6PM at the Capital Skyline Hotel.  Whoever brings the most creative inflatable object to the party will win a dinner for six at Good Stuff Eatery. It's a dream come true! The $10 ticket includes use of the pool and use of a burger, which is great and all, unless you're friends with a vegetarian, because THERE IS NOTHING FOR THEM TO EAT and they still have to pay $10. [Spike'd Sundays]
  • It's Open: In case you hadn't heard, Breadline, one of DC's signature lunch destinations was closed last week for NINETEEN violations of the DC health code, including a vermin infestation. But fret not! If you enjoyed their delicious gourmet sandwiches, the restaurant has supposedly fixed all its problems and was given the okay to reopen. Vermin-free = Yum! [Washington City Paper]

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