Celebrate Jesus With Peeps In Compromised Sexual Positions

Today, Wednesday, March 17: It's here! St. Patrick's Day, the holiest of holy drinking holidays is here! Chances are you're already drunk thanks to a breakfast of kegs and eggs, but, if you're not, here's our list of places where you can enjoy green beer until you puke, for Ireland.

  • Thursday, March 18: 14th street is lined with independent shops and boutiques and every third Thursday all of them stay open until 9PM to show off how cool the area has become thanks to our good friend gentrification. Look for discounts on items, fun events, and complimentary cookies at Logan Hardware. [MidCity Third Thursday]
  • Saturday, March 20: Attention all wine and cheese lovers: Ansonia Wines in Adams Morgan is hosting an open house on Saturday from noon to 9PM. The event includes complimentary samples of high end wines, as well as free charcuterie (for those playing along at home, that would be MEAT, lots of meat) and cheese. [Ansonia Wines]
  • Tuesday, March 23: Free Cone Day, Ben & Jerry’s annual attempt to socialize ice cream consumption, has come early this year, just like passover. Next Tuesday, between the hours of 12 and 8PM, you can get a scoop of your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor, for FREE, at all of their locations. [Ben & Jerry’s]
  • Tuesday, March 23: Every year the Washington Post makes Jesus proud by hosting a Peeps Diorama Contest, and they will be showing off this year's submissions at their 'Peepes Week Happy Hour' next Tuesday at their office. The competition is very intense, so something like a Peep-sized John Edwards playing in Rielle Hunters hohaa would surely stand out. The Happy Hour is from 6-8PM, and costs $20. [Peeps Week Happy Hour]
  • Fuck The Recession: Kellari Taverna, a new Greek restaurant on lobbyist lane, is all about catering to those who have come out unscathed from super double great depression. They have two new $100 items on their menu: the sweet, but not too strong, Liquid Gold Martini that is made with Louis XIII cognac, and the Lobster Benedict that is made with a two-pound Maine lobster. Both are worthy of your disposable income, should you have any. [Kellari Taverna]
  • New Food: Dickson Wine Bar is a new three-level wine bar on U Street and serves organic, hormone free, perfect, dry clean only wine and food; '19th,' a new golf themed bar on 19th and Pennsylvania, opens today and you can expect plenty of grand opening discounts. [Dickson Wine Bar via Thrillist, 19th via Thrillest]

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