Celebrate the 4th of July By Reading Books On the 3rd and 5th

Celebrate the 4th of July By Reading Books On the 3rd and 5th

How are you celebrating Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman's victory over the aliens? Wonkette recommends indulging in such earthly freedoms as "third parties," hallucinogens, and atypical products of M.F.A. programs! Ralph Nader will be around to answer your questions, and Reif Larsen will be around, to tactfully evade your advances. There's also more, so much more.

Monday, June 29

So, can we count on you to behave yourselves? If so, there might be a reading from This Is Your Country on Drugs: The Secret History of Getting High in America at Busboys & Poets this evening. 6:30 PM. [Busboys & Poets]

Tuesday, June 30

Right Place, Right Time is Richard Brookhiser's touching story about how he and William F. Buckley were such good friends that Buckley fired him from the National Review. In the movie version they will be played by a Pixar-animated beagle and Haley Joel Osmet, respectively. 7PM. [Politics & Prose]

Ralph Nader and his campaign manager will be taking your questions about Tyranny, which you may know by its Christian name, "two party voting system." [Busboys & Poets]

Wednesday, July 1

This week there's transcendentalist fan fiction at Politics & Prose! 7PM. [Politics & Prose]

Thursday, July 2

The Thing Around Your Neck a new book of short stories by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, whose name is getting copied and pasted all over town in positive reviews of this thing. 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Sunday, July 5

Pretty young thing Reif Larsen has a pretty new book about whimsical maps and more aspecific whimsy. It is one of those books written by an M.F.A. student that sold for a million dollars, so everyone bring positive mental attitudes! 3 PM. [Politics & Prose]


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