Such a pretty picture!According to the news today, the GOP hates celebrities, hates television, and hates words. St. Ronald Reagan would be so ashamed.

  • The GOP doesn't like it when Obama uses celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker or Anna Wintour in his campaign, but they all fall over themselves over Donald Trump! See, the real problem is that no one cares about these celebrities anyway. Well, okay. Maybe Carrie Bradshaw, but you know people who watch a TV show about women in New York are a bunch of Obama-lovers anyway. [The Daily Beast]
  • Do presidential TV ads actually work? No, but they do showcase how a candidate will market himself. The graphics better be Avatar-level awesome, is what we're saying. [Washington Post]
  • Here is an article about words conservatives hate and why. Wonkette didn't make the list, but we know they think of us fondly. [The Atlantic]
  • Finally, here is an infographic about when we know about internships. The results will surprise you, but they show that Wonkette is a God among companies that have internships. Now excuse me, I have to go refill our editrix's flask. [Slate]

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