Celebrities Who Destroyed Their Careers! (They Are All Donald Trump.) Tabs, Tues., Jan. 21, 2020

Celebrities Who Destroyed Their Careers! (They Are All Donald Trump.) Tabs, Tues., Jan. 21, 2020
Mr. Trump said the two leaders felt an immediate rapport

Good morning, it's tabs! Are you ready for the saddest thing you have ever seen, it is the New York Times's "Harvey Weinstein's Dark Days: As his trial begins, he's hobbled and 'terrified.' His accusers say he deserves his misfortune for his treatment of women." Do you think Robyn might yell at that for me? I think she might.

I ... okay.

TPM has the whole thing, it's fucked!

And the Democrats' response to the lawyers' response to ... you get the idea.

Should John Bolton testify in public? The White House would prefer he not. (WaPo)

Hmmmm, should Bill Barr recuse himself and appoint a special prosecutor for the Parnas giggity? Oh, maybe. (Emptywheel)

Paul Waldman at WaPo is always a treat to read, but I have to say if the president did the following, as one of Waldman's hypothetical examples of impeachable but not illegal acts, we would all weep with gratitude:

The president declares that his job has become tedious and says he'll be spending the rest of his term in the White House residence getting drunk and playing "Grand Theft Auto."

BREAKING! ACHTUNG! TRUMP BAD AT CONSTITUTION! Another fun excerpt from A Very Stable Genius, this time in Vanity Fair.

Ken Starr Is America's Most Poisonous Creep. No argument from us, Daily Beast!

The wisdom of crowds: 51 percent of Americans support the Senate trying and removing Trump. (Politico)

Rod Rosenstein authorized releasing texts between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok for very many lie-reasons. (Politico)

George Skelton's so old he remembers when California colleges were free. Except it's George Skelton so he's also weird about it: "It wouldn't be 'free college' for all — no one anywhere is proposing that — but a state university diploma could become more affordable for many California students." Then he goes on to extol the many many benefits of free college, like he had, but is also like "BUT NOT DORMS AND BOOKS YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THOSE," like I said, it's weird. (LA Times)

BEG FUCKING PARDON? TSA apologizes to Native American traveler after an agent grabbed her braids and said 'giddyup' -- (LA Times)

This sociopath woman drove into traffic to see if God would keep her safe. "'Reilly related God took care of her by not having her injured,' wrote Trooper Bruce Balliet in an arrest affidavit. 'Reilly expressed no concerns or remorse for the victims. Reilly also stated she did not care if the other people were injured because God would have taken care of them.'" Maybe Dennis Prager was right!

Well, if you took a picture of me walking down the street and then used this app to get my home address and name and stalk me, JOKE'S ON YOU, because Facebook thinks all pictures of me are my sister! Good luck, hope you don't get attempted murdered, Sue! (New York Times)

If you add in transportation costs, Houston becomes about as affordable as NYC. (Still not sure I'm buying it, Texas Monthly.)

This lady at WaPo has tips for getting your rental deposit back. I always hire professional cleaners and have never, ever, ever gotten a deposit back, except the time I sued my landlady who was literally trying to charge me for things like "clean roof" (!) and "new stove hood" when there wasn't a stove hood in the first place and "two people to clean under the bathtub" when it was the kind of bathtub that goes all the way to the floor. And even then she kept a thousand of the FORTY-SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS she was trying to keep. So, if this woman says so I guess! Security deposits for everyone!

Oooooh, my favorite writer AND YOURS, Samantha Irby, has a newsletter! This first hit seems to be free, and it is about some crazy people she watched on a show.

You guys, look at all the radical groups in '76 Philadelphia -- United Farm Workers, Black United Liberation Front, Tenant Action Group, Medical Committee for Human Rights, Women's Switchboard, Gay Activist Alliance of Philadelphia, Alexandria Books, Black Family Cadre Organization, Black Panther Party, Bunting Friendship Freedom House, Chile Emergency Committee, Committee for Full Employment, Common Sense, Community Assistance for Prisoners, Consumer Edu- cation and Protection Association, Disabled in Action, DuBois Book Store/Thomas Nabried Center, Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, Germantown Women's Center, Harrowgate Community Center, HEAL/Help Everywhere at All Levels, Lesbian Center, Lesbian Hotline, Liberty Alliance of the Blind, National Lawyers Guild, Noetics, Parents' Union for Public Schools, People's Institute for Political Education, Philadelphia Filmmakers' Workshop, Philadelphia Gray Panthers, Philadelphia People's Bail Fund, Philadelphia Workers' Organizing Committee, Prisoners' Rights Council, Public Interest Media Project, Puerto Rican Revolutionary Workers' Organization, Puerto Rican Socialist Party, Residents' Advisory Board, Resistance/NAM, Rites of Women, SANE, Synapse, Venceremos Brigade, Welfare Rights Organization/Delaware County, Welfare Rights Organization/Philadelphia County, Yellow Seeds -- that The People's Fund raised money for with THIS COOKBOOK! You can read the whole cookbook at the link!

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