Centenarian Rejects Obama Birthday Note


Thanks to the Centenarian Fairy (a government employee), when old people in America make it to 100 they get a birthday card from the White House. And sometimes a foot massage from Al Roker. But mostly just the nice embossed card signed by whichever president's Autopen is currently in office. Southern California desert resident Jack Taylor is celebrating his own 100th birthday today, and he already threw Nobama's dumb card in the garbage.

The Hi-Desert Star reports in strange remedial English aimed at soothing the elderly white rural population it serves:

A letter from the White House came, congratulating Taylor on his 100th birthday. Without any malice, just a candid truthfulness, Taylor stated he threw the letter away.

“I don’t like the guy,” Taylor said with a slight chuckle. There was perhaps just a hint of apology in his tone of voice, but not too much. Like Dragnet’s Joe Friday, Taylor is a “just the facts” pragmatist.

Yeah. What?

Taylor, who was already 46 when the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, is maybe just tired of apologizing. [Hi-Desert Star]


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